Gemma Malley – The Declaration

Diese Rezi ist nur englisch, da ich keine deutsche Übersetzung zu dem Buch gefunden habe. Anscheinend gab/gibt es aber eine. Sollte jemand was darüber wissen, lasst es mich doch bitte wissen! Danke!

The Declaration is the first novel of a trilogy called the same:

1. The Declaration, deutscher Titel: Der Pakt
2. The Resistance
3. The Legacy


The Declaration is another dystopia. It takes place in the year 2140 in a world in which it is forbidden to have children. As people can live forever this should help to control the problem of overpopulation. Anna is a surplus, which means that she is a child that should never have been born. These children have to live at Grange Hall where they are taught to become a valuable asset for legal people.

My opinion:  

My expectations for this book haven’t been very high as I’ve never heard about it before. I read it in a reading group, that’s how I heard about the book. All I knew before I started reading was that it is another dystopia. Well, it was not just another dystopia, it was a surprisingly good book.

I liked the idea of controlling the overpopulation. This is a topic we have to be aware of. Of course it is not the right strategy to forbid giving birth to children. It reminds me a bit of the one-child-policy in China. But it is a scenario that really could come true in the future. It is scaring, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Anna, the main character, is a very interesting person. Often the characters in young adult books tend to be very naive. Anna is this too, but she makes a great development over time and she turns out to be a very intelligent girl. I had great sympathy for her, because the reader really gets to know her. Of course, there are also other characters, but the reader mainly has to deal with Anna. The third-person narrator is telling everything from Anna’s view. I had to get used to this as I prefer first-person narrators, but I didn’t really bothered.

The plot itself was a bit foreseeable, but if it is exciting enough I don’t care. As long as the idea is well established, and this was the case, I can cope with that.

I will definitively read the sequels!


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  1. #1 by caroljforrester on 12/04/2012 - 22:40

    Oh make sure you do! These books impressed me so much, you should really enjoy them.

    (and if you get chance I’m looking for readers for an online story which is on my blog? I’m sorry is this sounds cheeky but I’m scraping the bottom of the keg for ideas on how to access a wider reader base.)


  2. #2 by marimirl on 13/04/2012 - 08:22

    Did you read all three books?

    Oh, I know what you mean, I’m also looking for readers for my blog. That’s not that easy. I decided to follow your blog and at least you’ve found one additional reader for your story!

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