Jennifer Synder – Touch

Touch is a short story that was available for free on


Rowen’s mum commited suicide. From this moment on her life changes forever. Then she met Jet, a boy that seems to follow her and who has a secret. Rowen doesn’t know that this is connected to her mother’s death and that Jet also is dead.

My Opinion: 

I downloaded the book, because it was free and because the plot sounded interesting. I finally read it because I needed some short book to fill the time between two reading groups. Well, with only approximately 74 pages, the story is very short – especially if you consider that the plot could fill a whole book of maybe 400 pages. The idea is good and it would fit to the now so popular young adults books with paranormal effects. Snyder could have made more out of it than a short story.

The problem with the lenght is that you never really get to know Rowen. There is no time to think about the story because everything is happening that fast and of course, the details are missing. Furthermore, I didn’t really like the end. However, I think as a real book the stroy would be good!

The ebook also contains another short story called “Choice”, which shows Jet’s view. Well, it’s nice but not really necessary.


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