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Catherine Cooper – The Golden Acorn

This review is only available in English as there is no german translation of this book anyway.

“The Golden Acorn” by Catherine Cooper is the first book of the series “The adventures of Jack Brenin”:

1. The Golden Acorn
2. Glasruhen Gate
3. Silver Hill

As Catherine Cooper wrote as a comment (see below) there also will be a fourth and fifth book!

It is a series for children, but also adults may like it. At the moment, the book is available on Amazon for free! (already for some months)


As the title of the series “The adventures of Jack Brenin” already says, the book deals with the life of Jack. Jack has been chosen to save the life of a tree. When he found a golden maple leaf, he didn’t know that this will change his life and that he will be betaken into a world full of magic. He gets to know speaking birds, watch-keeping rats, and much more. Read the rest of this entry »


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