Jo Nesbo – Leopard

Leopard von Jo Nesbo ist der achte Fall von Harry Hole:

1. Der Fledermausmann
2. Kakerlaken
3. Rotkehlchen
4. Die Fährte
5. Das fünfte Zeichen
6. Der Erlöser
7. Schneemann
8. Leopard
9. Die Larve


Harry Hole hat sich aus dem Polizeidienst zurückgezogen, doch seine Kollegin Kaja schafft es, ihn wieder zurückzuholen. Ein neuer Serienkiller treibt sich herum und nur ein Profi wie Harry Hole kann ihn entlarven.

Meine Meinung  

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David Nicholls – One Day


Emma and Dexter meet each other once a year. Dexter is the typical bachelor who looks for another woman every weekend and who yet isn’t down to earth. In contrast Emma doesn’t think much of this lifestyle. Nevertheless a deep friendship develops, which leaves the feeling that there is more behind it…

Emma und Dexter treffen sich jedes Jahr einmal. Dexter ist der typische Junggeselle, der sich jedes Wochenende eine andere Frau sucht und noch lange nicht mit beiden Beinen im Leben steht. Emma hingegen hält nicht viel von diesem Lebenstandard. Trotzdem entwickelt sich daraus eine enge Freundschaft, bei der man immer das Gefühl hat, dass mehr dahinter steckt…

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I’m back!

Vielleicht ist dem einen oder anderen ja aufgefallen, dass ich schon lange nichts mehr gepostet habe. Nunja, die letzte Zeit war sehr stressig und ich hatte einfach keinen Kopf für Bücher, geschweige denn für den blog. Ich hoffe, aber das sich das jetzt ändert – zumindest nehme ich es mir fest vor. Es gibt einige Rezis, die ich noch schreiben sollte, aber wohl nicht zu jedem Buch, das ich in der Zwischenzeit gelesen habe (auch wenn das gar nicht viele waren). Jedenfalls habe ich geplant noch heute eine Rezi zu schreiben oder zumindest mal damit anzufangen. Nach und nach muss ich dann auch den Rest aktualisieren.

Maybe one or another of you noticed that I didn’t post anything for a rather long time. Well, the last weeks have been difficult and I hadn’t had any motivation for reading or writing. I hope this will change now – at least I really deal with it. There are some reviews I should write, but not to every book I read in the meantime (even if these weren’t that many). Anyway, I intend writing a review today or at least to start with it. I also have to update the rest of the page.

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Veronica Rossi – Under The Never Sky

Under the Never Sky is the first book of the trilogy of the same title.

Gebannt. Unter fremdem Himmel ist das erste Buch der Trilogie.

1. Under the Never Sky, Gebannt. Unter fremdem Himmel
1.5. Roar and Liv
2. Through the Ever Night, Getrieben. Durch ewige Nacht
3. Into the Still Blue, Geborgen. In unendlicher Weite.



Aria lives in a world in which everything seems perfect and structured. Perry lives in the wild outside of this world. Aria is forced out of her world and has to survive in the outside, where she meets Perry.

Aria lebt in einer Welt, in der alles perfekt und strukutriert scheint. Perry lebt in der Wildnis außerhalb dieser Welt. Aria wird aus ihrer Welt vertrieben und muss außerhalb nun überleben, wo sie Perry trifft. Read the rest of this entry »

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E.L.James – Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book of a trilogy called Shades of Grey:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey, Geheimes Verlangen
2. Fifty Shades Darker, Gefährliche Liebe
3. Fifty Shades Freed, Befreite Lust


I guess nearly everybody knows what this book is about. Anastasia Steele, a young student of literature gets to know Christian Grey, a very rich and attractive entrepreneur. Christian wants to meet with Anastasia but not in the the usual way. He doesn’t do the girlfriend-thing, he just has relationships concerning sex – sex in his playroom.

Ich denke mal, schon fast jeder weiß, wovon dieses Buch handelt. Anastasia Steele, eine junge Literaturstudentin lernt Christian Grey, einen reichen und attraktiven Unternehmer, kennen. Christian möchte sich mit Anastasia treffen, aber nicht unbedingt auf gewöhnlichem Wege. Er macht diese Freundinsache nicht, er hast nur Beziehungen, die sich auf Sex beziehen – Sex in seinem Spielzimmer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Monthly report: July

Read in July

1. Jennifer Estep – Frostkuss

2. E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey

3. Veronica Rossi – Under The Never Sky Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Ewan – Safe House

First of all, many thanks to Faber & Faber who provided me this ebook!


Safe House is a thriller or crime by Chris Ewan who already wrote the “The Good Thief’s Guide To…” series. Rob Hale had a motorbike accident and wakes up in the hospital. He is sure that  a woman, Lena, accompanied him on the bike but he is told that Lena doesn’t exist and he was all alone. Rob tries to find out if he is really only imagine her. Soon he gets to know Rebecca who investigates the suicide of Rob’s sister Laura. Together they are looking for the truth…

My opinion

Instantly I was interested into the plot especially as the books of Chris Ewan are on my wishlist for months already. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed of the book.

I liked the style of writing. For most parts of the book there was a first-person narrator, Rob himself. I love this kind of narrator as it makes it easy to identify with the character. Other parts of the books are told from a third-person. It is absolutely impossible to let Rob tell these chapters as well, but I have to admit that I didn’t like those passages. As you may have already guessed there are chapters about Rob and his investigations as well as chapters from the view of the bad guys. I know that a lot of people like this, but I prefer not knowing what they bad boys are doing because I want to know exactly as much as Rob does. I think this extra information provided to the reader takes a lot of suspense from the story.

The story itself is a bit too usual, there is nothing new to it. As I already said the suspense is also missing. Nevertheless the book is easy to read and I still wanted to know how it is going to end. One big plus point are the characters. Altough they are not described very detailed it was very easy for me to imagine them. Rob is rather a nice boy who is keeping some distance to other people. Rebecca seems to be a bit arrogante although the author never says this. The good thing here is that the character are normal people without special characteristics, they have their strenghts as well as their weaknesses. This means the story could really just happen like this.

There is not much I can tell about the book without telling too much. As it is a thriller the reader shouldn’t know too much in advance. I liked reading the book and in the end I also was a bit surprised. It is not the best thriller I’ve ever read but it is a good read. I guess a lot of readers will like it!

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